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Ashley van Biljon

Ashley graduated with a BS degree in Marketing with an emphasis in digital marketing at Utah Valley University. .
She specializes in Marketing/Brand Development & Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, CRM, Web Technologies, UX/UI Design, Photography & Editing, and Paid Marketing.
With over 5 years of experience in her field, Ashley is focused on driving awareness of Cognitive FX through digital marketing strategies.

Articles By Ashley van Biljon

SPECT vs. fMRI vs. fNCI Scans: What is The Difference?

If you’ve been reading about concussion tests, diagnosis and symptoms and feel confused, that is normal. Most advice surrounding concussions is very scientific and vague. If you’re like most patients, you may be second-guessing yourself and not completely sure what to do next.

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Self-Care: 5 Tips for TBI Survivors and Family Members

After a brain injury, survivors and family members often describe having difficulty adjusting to life’s changes and losses. Survivors oftentimes face post-injury challenges that make can recovery difficult. They may have trouble paying attention, communicating, or having the energy to complete day to day tasks. Going to doctor’s appointments, handling financial issues and coping with conflict within the family can seem to take up all of their time. To make matters worse, having trouble with handling stress and easily feeling overwhelmed are quite common for survivors.

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Understanding Folate: What is it, How Does Folate Effect The Brain and How Folate Can be Added to my Diet

Did you know that folate comes from the Latin word folium, which means leaf? Folate is a naturally occurring form of the vitamin B9. Folate is a water-soluble vitamin that has many important functions in your body. Some of the important functions folate aides in are the creation of DNA and RNA, formation of neurotransmitters, and the formation of the nervous system during pregnancy. Folate is also known to help with depression, mental fatigue, and irritability because it can be quickly broken down and supply the body with energy. (this is why drinks like 5-hour energy contain B9 along with other B vitamins).

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