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Tom Brady Cognitive Health

Tom Brady has consistently performed at a high level in the NFL, and he’s committed to keeping his brain and body in top shape to stay that way.  Recently he underwent an fNCI brain scan administered and read by Dr. Alina Fong in order to determine where his brain function stands and where it could be improved.  Based on the results, various cognitive exercises were assigned to ensure optimal brain performance.


Summing up his experience with fNCI, Tom said “I think finding that balance in your brain or in your body is how you optimize your performance. You figure out where deficiencies are. Where you’re out of range, and you exercise to bring yourself back to range so you can continue to do the things you want to do as long as you want.”


Tom also spoke about the value of fNCI being able to pinpoint areas of the brain that are not activating enough as well as pointing out what parts of the brain are working too hard to accomplish a simple task, the idea of optimizing brain performance.  He said “Like everything with your body, you don’t want something to work too hard, and you don’t want something to work not enough.”

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