About The Position


• Conduct consultations with those investigating Cognitive FX for concussion or brain injury treatment. Determine if they would be a good candidate for EPIC Treatment and explain what is involved in treatment.
• Review and explain the fNCI to those coming for EPIC Treatment or any other individual that receives an fNCI.
• Train others on the uses and application of fNCI.
• Answer any questions related to the science and pathology of concussion and post-concussion syndrome (PCS).
• Understand and be aligned with the unique approach that Cognitive FX takes to treatment.
• Meet with doctors or other professionals who are interested in learning more about Cognitive FX, and the research done here at CFX.
• Manage the therapists and trainers over Dynavision and Sensory Motor Therapy.
• Manage and support the patient care coordinator.
• Take the lead to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of treatment and quality of care at Cognitive FX.
• Communicate with therapists on a consistent basis to coordinate and find out what is needed for each patient and to improve the quality of care for each patient.
• Give therapists feedback and training to improve and maintain the high level of treatment quality at Cognitive FX.
• Implement any feedback from patients and/or staff members to ensure the highest quality of care.
• Stay up to date on emerging research in the field to give the most correct answers to patients and potential patients about their medical and/or scientific questions.
• Communicate in weekly meetings, and throughout each week with the partners about any issues hindering quality of care.
• Work directly with the General Manager to implement and improve smooth operations and procedures in the clinic.
• Meet all other needs and request to grow Cognitive FX from the partners.


• PhD in Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, or any other neuro-related field.
• Experience working with individuals in a clinical setting.
• Background and knowledge in neuroanatomy.
• Experience in research, preferably in concussion or brain injury research.
• Knowledge and experience in neuroimaging, preferably fMRI
• Excellent with people. Must be able to read emotions and respond accordingly.
• Strong organizational, leadership, and management skills.
• Ability to work with all types of individuals.
• Understanding of the difficulty of living with a brain injury to provide support for those in difficult circumstances.
• Proactive in learning and doing what needs to be done without direct instructions.

Helpful Experience and Skills:

• Publications and IRB approval experience.
• Understanding of a variety of technology and software including Microsoft Office Suite, CRM, and Zoom.