In 2008, we published an article on our research expanding on the use of fMRI (now fNCI) for cognitive assessment using the functional Matrix Reasoning Test. 

This study explains:

  • Creating normative data to effectively use fMRI and the Matrix Reasoning Test (f-MRT) for patient evaluation and diagnosis. 
  • The application of using fMRI and Matrix Reasoning (f-MRT) to objectively measure and diagnose cognitive impairment. 
  • Understanding the subtleties of individual deficits missed by conventional measures. 

Using standardized neuropsychological evaluations using tests like Matrix Reasoning, has been the standard for assessing cognitive impairment for many years. 

Our research explores the application of an adapted version of the Matrix Reasoning Test along with 5 other tests used in conjunction with fMRI to establish an imaging technology called functional NeruoCognitive Imaging.

By creating a normative database, we have the ability to determine a range of expected "normal" function and activation, giving us s a scale for evaluating patient outcomes. This research was foundational to the approach we take here at Cognitive FX during EPIC treatment.