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A functional Neuroimaging Analysis of the Trail Making Test-B: Implications for Clinical Application

In this study, we describe an fMRI version of Trail Making Test-B (TMTB) that maintains the core functionality of the TMT while optimizing its use for both research and clinical settings.

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In 2010, we published an article exploring and comparing the fTMT to the standard Trail Making Test used in Neuropsychological Evaluations. 

This Research Presents and Clarifies:

  • The application of using a functional Trail Making Test ( f-TMTB) to assess and evaluate brian function during a fMRI (now fNCI). 
  • Understanding the connection between brain activation and locations related to the f-TMTB activities. 
  • The importance of validating and standardizing clinical fMRI protocols to diagnose and evaluate the brain. 
  • The f-TMTB is a viable neuroimaging adpation of trail making tests, that is optimized to understand and measure activation in the brain.  

Diving  into the fMRI adaption of the Trail Making Test, with the f-TMTB find the differences in our approach to applying the protocols in the clinical setting. 

This research is pivital in the application and use of functional NeuroCognitive Imaging (fNCI) and its role in diagnosing individual impairments in the brain. 

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