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Marci Amundsen

Marci graduated from Brigham Young University in Neuroscience in April 2018. She has been trained directly by Dr. Alina Fong and Dr. Mark Allen. Throughout this training she has developed a deep understanding of the pathology of concussion, the clinical application of neuroscience, and fNCI.

As the Director of Clinical Development, she focuses on meeting with patients to determine if Cognitive FX is the right fit for each patient. Her primary focus is to ensure that patients have an excellent experience throughout treatment. She also manages and supports patient care coordination. She also has helped CFX to develop and integrate new sensory-motor therapies into EPIC Treatment, and she actively continues to improve treatment and the patient experience.  

She is integral in the further development of fNCI and its clinical applications. She actively participates in research and manages a team of research interns here at Cognitive FX. Marci also meets with patients to review their fNCI results and writes reports on these findings.