Download MRI and Functional MRI Research Here


In 2012, we published an article on MRI and Functional MRI (now fNCI) in Neuroimaging and Forensic Psychiatry: From the Clinic to the Courtroom.

This Research Presents and Clarifies:

  • The value of using Functional MRI to objectively diagnosis a Head Injury.
  • The importance of clinical interpretation and findings using adapted fMRI technology.
  • The importance of reviewing both anatomical and functional status of the brain after an injury. 

This research helps explain how fMRI can be used to address questions such as: 'How much tissue has been lost?' 'How has the brain changed?' 'How may these changes be quantified and how do they relate to medical, neurobehavioral and neurocognitive outcome in someone with a neurological condition?'

This research is pivital in our understanding of Functional MRI (fMRI now fNCI) and its role in diagnosing and helping therapists and doctors to direct concussion treatment.