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Download Our Latest Research – Functional NeuroCognitive Imaging and Notus NeuroCogs: A Novel Use of fMRI in the Assessment of Cognitive Function in Major NeuroCognitive Disorder


Current diagnostic approaches to MND rely heavily upon the history of present illness and neurocognitive testing with functional neuroimaging playing a minimal role. The use of fMRI as a clinical tool has been limited due to the lack of a standardized protocol of cognitive testing appropriate for the scanning environment and lack of normalized data to which the individual patient can be compared. 

This publication explores:

  • The role of fNCI and Notus NeuroCogs in diagnosis and assessment.
  • Case studies of four patients and their assessment of MND.
  • Standardization and verification of normative data and its role in assessing MND in individual patients. 
  • Using imaging to increase clinical capability of fMRI in assessment of MND.
  • Using this diagnostic technology to help make better decisions in treatment and rehabiliation.