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Neurovascular Coupling: A Unifying Theory for Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment and Functional Neuroimaging

Read our latest research on a novel approach to treating the underlying mechanisms of PCS pathology.

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The aim of this report is to provide a theory of the underlying mechanisms of PCS pathology and its treatment that is in accord with the current corpus of research and explains the recent therapeutic success seen in PCS patient using the EPIC treatment. We propose a novel theory concerning the mechanisms by which NVC dysregulation is normalized. 

What You'll Learn
  • The extent of the dysregulation in many systems in the brain after a concussion that contributes to the pathophysiologic mechanisms occurring in chronic concussion symptoms. 
  • The connection and relation of these underlying dysregulation in these systems is treatable. 
  • How EPIC Treatment approaches treating these unique pathologies holistically in one treatment.  
  • How to further our understanding and future research to have more predictable and innovative treatments to address Post-Concussion Syndrome. 
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