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Ander's Concussion Recovery Story

Ander was brought to Cognitive FX by his parents, to help him find relief from his concussion symptoms.





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"I really liked how they're really nice to you and tell you what is wrong with you."

Hey, my name is Ander Austin and, um, Cognitive FX was really helpful because before, when I got my injury, um, it really...I got headaches every, like, 30 to, oh, 30 to 45 minutes. And, that's like how I, often I would get them and they would stay for, like, 2 hours. 

And, now, ever since Cognitive FX, I've had them, like, every 3 hours, sometimes not even...I don't even have them. And, what I really liked about it is they're really nice to you, and they're like, they actually tell you what's wrong with you. So, yeah.

He is happy that the headaches have gone down, they still happen but not as frequently.