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Brain Injury Recovery [Bike Accident] [CJ's Story] (2018)

CJ came to Cognitive FX after being hit by a car riding his bicycle over 2 years ago. He was knocked out and has dealt with symptoms such as balance problems, and overall he did not feel like things were right. 





Mode of Injury:

Bicycle Accident


Date of Injury:


Date of Treatment:

October 2017

"I would have never guessed that after so long, this much improvement could be had."

Hey, my name is CJ Dunn. Um, I'm an electrical engineer. Uh, I do, uh, technical support, uh, for some crazy machines that, uh, make computer chips. Um, so I, uh, I was hit by a car on my bicycle, um, a little over two years ago, uh, two years and a month.

And, uh, I was knocked out. Um, it didn't seem like I was out for that long. Um, went to the hospital. Um, saw, uh, a sports, uh, doctor after, uh, getting scanned, and then checked for broken bones, and brain injuries, and such.

And, um, uh, went through physical therapy, uh, for, um, injuries to my, uh, one of my arms, my legs, uh, knees, in particular, and, uh, and that's when a balance, uh, issue came up.

Um, and that was my main reason for coming here, uh, was my balance has not been right, uh, since. Um, went through physical therapy, uh, and, uh, was just not right afterwards but I was told that I was pretty much as good as it was gonna get.

So, from, uh, a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 being where I was before the accident to, uh, after, uh, physical therapy, I was probably a 6, um, uh, but just the things that I enjoy doing, uh, were, were, kind of, robbed.

Uh, downhill mountain biking was kind of gone, uh, because of balance. I could walk around and, you know, uh, do normal everyday things but, uh, my athletic activities, uh, were still suffering greatly.

Uh, martial arts, same thing. Uh, you know, jump spinning hook kicks, uh, that were possible before this are just gone. Anything spinning, uh, and most things areal, gone. Um, so, uh, there were a lot of other things that I didn't realize came with the concussion.

Uh, I just kind of slipped into a, uh, new normal, if you will, and, uh, and just dealt with it, adjusted, uh, for, for a long time. Uh, and it took a while, uh, to find, uh, Cognitive FX and find Dr. Fong. Uh, thankfully, through the search for a neuropsychologist, I came to Dr.

Fong and Dr. Fong, uh, pulled me into Cognitive FX. And, um, uh, she was really optimistic during, uh, our, uh, consult and, uh, and that, kind of, drew me in to, to, to give this a shot and, um, uh, something about the during.

Uh, I was told before, uh, before baselines that, uh, that during the, the therapy, during the EPIC therapy, that, uh, expect to be really tired, uh, and possibly even worn out. Uh, and I just couldn't even imagine, uh, how that could be possible with what it looked like I would be doing.

Um, but let me assure you, if you put the effort in, you will be wrecked, um, at the end of, uh, your day at therapy and, uh, during the course of the day of therapy. Um, and by wrecked, I don't mean in a bad way but, uh, anybody that's ever had a really good workout and, and you're just, you're drained afterwards, but it's a good drain.

That's what this is like. Um, so, during, during the, uh, the therapy, I just, I've learned so much about these other pieces that I've been, um, accepting and, um, coping and dealing with, uh, that I had no idea were even part of, of this injury.

Um, and after day 2, I started to see some relief from some of those things that I would not have associated with this. Um, and, and, uh, I've had some of the best sleep that I have had in ages. I haven't slept well for a couple years, and so just, while it may seem small, uh, being able to s-, to fall asleep and stay asleep is huge.

And, and the, uh, the carry-on from that is enormous just how much better that makes everything else feel and how much better it makes the, uh, the treatment go. Um, so, uh, buckle up.

Uh, the treatment is not a Cape Walk. It's not the, uh, therapist coming in and waving a magic wand. It's not, it's none of that. Um, it's hard work, um, but here on the other side, I gotta tell you it's worth it and, uh, uh, I am shocked by, uh...I'm not an emotional person normally.

Um, but seeing the results, uh, th-the tangible, measurable results, not just a feeling. I'm not one much...I have feelings, uh, obviously, but I'm not one to, uh, follow life off of feelings.

Uh, I'm, I'm more of a I gotta be able to see it, touch it, measure it, kind of, you know, the engineering kind of mind. And so to see the, uh, the MRI results afterwards, it really floored me. It was more than I could have anticipated. It was certainly more than I expected or hoped for.

Um, and it really gives me hope before going forward and that's, uh, that's another piece of, of this that I want to mention is, um...this was emphasized during, during the week, um, that this is not the end, that there is, you know, a continuation, uh, after this.

And, but I'm really hopeful and I'm, uh, encouraged and motivated to continue, you know, my exercises and, and such at home because I've seen what's gonna, what already happened.

Um, and, and I'm hopeful for what is gonna continue to, to progress. Um, one last thing, for anybody that's checking this out and has maybe, uh, it's been a long time since you're injury, uh, like I said, mine was two years and a month from injury to the start of treatment and I really thought, you know, it-it's probably too late.

And that's, uh, that's probably a big reason why I was, I was hopeful that, you know, I would see results but I had no, I would have never guessed that, after that long, that this much, uh, improvement could be, could have real, tangible improvement. So, if you're, you know, two years, maybe three years, uh, don't, don't think that it can't get fixed.

Uh, and if you're seeing, uh, a doctor and they've told you, you know, this is as good as it's gonna get, uh, I would not accept that. I did and I'm telling you so you save yourself from...from dealing with a lot for a long time.

Call this place. If they tell you that's all you can expect, then, then maybe then think that that's the case. But...if you wanna get better, just because it's been a long time, it doesn't mean anything.

Check it out. I wish I had known about this a lot earlier. And, uh, yeah, that's about it. Good luck to you.