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Brain Injury Recovery [Bike Accident] [CJ's Story] (2018)

CJ came to Cognitive FX after being hit by a car riding his bicycle over 2 years ago. He was knocked out and has dealt with symptoms such as balance problems, and overall he did not feel like things were right. 





Mode of Injury:

Bicycle Accident


Date of Injury:


Date of Treatment:

October 2017

"I would have never guessed that after so long, this much improvement could be had."

He believed he would never see improvements after a year of recovery. He felt robbed of his quality of life, and inability to participate in the things he loves.

CJ came to learn more about Cognitive FX in a consultation, and he decided to give it a shot.

During treatment, CJ learned so much about his brain and the recovery process. After treatment, he started to see relief in symptoms he didn't previously see was connected to his injury. He is sleeping better, and overall feeling better. He knows that the treatment was worth it and he is shocked by his results and is excited to continue to improve.