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Brain Injury Recovery [Car Accident] [Ryan's Story ]( 2016)

Ryan came to Cognitive FX for relief from post-concussion symptoms that occurred from a car accident.





Mode of Injury:

Car Accident


Date of Injury:

Date of Treatment:


" I'd highly recommend that. I've done many types of therapy, tried so many things and nothing's ever worked and Cognitive FX has definitely changed my life for the better."

 [Ryan's mother] So, what brought us to Cognitive FX was, um, searching for something that could help Ryan with, to, um, redevelop the the, processes that he needed in his brain after he, he was in a bad car accident. He had a concussion, and we just never found anything that could help him. That could help his memory, his short-term memory problems, long-term memory problems, focus problems, um, sleeping problems, and clarity problems, and, and with most recently, um, severe anxiety problems. And we were just praying and praying for something that would help him to go forward in life, and have the, all the things that we wanted for him in a more normal life. And, um, we were lucky to be told by my sister-in-law about Cognitive FX. And we have had a great week here, and I want Ryan to kind of tell you...

[Ryan] Yes. ..about that. Um, well, before I came here, um, I was struggling with headaches, and memory problems, and focus problems, and just, you know, no energy, um, anxiety, like my mom said.

And, you know, the first day, even after the first day, I was just, my energy level was already startin' to go up, like, I was real-,able to sleep better at night.
And as the week went on, like, my energy, I have a ton of energy now. Uh, my focus is a lot better. I can multitask again.
And, um, my long-term memory is pretty good now too, and short term's not a problem. I can remember things people tell me, um, the things I see.
And just the people here are amazing too. The people you work with, like, they're so friendly, and it's the only place I've gone to where everyone, like, really cares, and everyone asks you every day how you're doing in, like, your progress. And it's like a family environment, and it feels really good which helps you become more comfortable and, which is important when you're trying to do therapy and it's highly recommended.
I'd highly recommend it. I've done many types of therapy, tried so many things and nothing's ever worked.

And Cognitive FX has definitely changed my life for the better, and I'm excited, and happy, and just excited to move on with life now.
So, it's been a great experience. Another thing that I really appreciate as a parent and also someone who is in the medical field, the follow-up.
The, not just the, "Okay. You know, you can go home and do this but..." Actually written as orders from a physici-, from a physician, prescriptions given to Ryan to go home and follow these patterns daily, not only with, but with brain exercises, with, um, um, physical exercise, with nutrition, with things that will promote continued brain health, and continued, um, progression in him. And then also th-, the availability to call, and say, "U-, I, you know, I'm, I'm thinking that I might need to come up for a day and have a little bit more help."
Those things show me that it's a real program that is about the whole health and wellness of my child, and, and his brain...
Yeah....and his future.
And I so appreciate the people here also so kind, so professional, and so, um, capable, and qualified to look at the brain and treat it
And we're just gr-...so grateful.