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Brain Injury Recovery [Jana's Story] (2016)

Jana came to Cognitive FX for relief from post-concussion symptoms that are the result of a concussion.





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"They're all so super super sweet and I definitely recommend anybody that needs help with that to come."

I came to Cognitive FX because my life was horrible after I had a head injury, where I had a skull and, a hairline skull fracture and a really bad concussion.
And I spent a couple da-, days in the hospital. And ever since then, I've had really bad headaches and been like...I don't know.
My attitude has been different. Different personality, kinda irritable, um, and then I came here to get some help. And it's been amazing, and it's helped a lot.
It... I've had a ton more energy this week, been worn out too. It's a lot of work, but, um, it's... And I think it'll still keep getting better. Like, I can just tell that my life will be getting better from this.

I have more energy, um, I've been able to sleep pretty well, and, um, my headaches have gone down. Say, like, I was at a seven, and then, like, an eight by the end of the day on a normal day.

And then during the day so far, since I've been through Cognitive, it's been, like, at a three consistently throughout the day. And that's amazing. I don't, can't remember a time that it has been like that. So I'm very excited, and they're awesome. They're all so super, super sweet, and I definitely recommend anybody that needs help with that to come.