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Brain Injury Recovery [Sophi's Story] [Wheel Chair Recovery] (2017)

Sophi was brought to Cognitive FX by her mother after obtaining a severe concussion 9 months ago.


Sophi Bokor



Mode of Injury:

Severe concussion


Date of Injury:

Date of Treatment:


"I'm really excited for the future and to be able to continue life and not have deficiencies I had before and to be able to just go forward in life."

Hi, my name's Sophie, and this is my mom, Denise, and I'm 15 years old. And I had my first concussion in June and that was nine months ago.
So I was on this island in Europe, and a log, like this big telephone pole, it fell on my head. And then I was unconscious for a while, and then a Russian army helicopter came and evacuated me from the island and brought me to a hospital. And then I stayed there for a week, and after that, I've been dizzy since then, I've had headaches. I had to use a wheelchair because I couldn't walk very far. I was using crutches. I missed a whole semester of school.

And then my mom found out about Cognitive FX. And so we decided to come here. And I feel completely different. I came here in a wheelchair, and now
I just went jogging a few days ago and I feel so much different already, and it's definitely helped.

[Denise] From my perspective, Sophie was in a lot of pain. We went through every day trying to evaluate how much she could handle and how bad her headaches
were and the sensitivity to light. And we need to keep our voices down because sound hurts your ears. And you weren't hungry and you lost so much weight. It just made you really sad and everything was so hard. You thought a lot about all the things you couldn't do. And that's all changed and we're getting our girl back here.

It's night and day from when wheeled you in here in a wheelchair to see you moon-walking and jumping and kickboxing. And everything has changed now.

So before I came to Cognitive FX, I went to a lot of other doctors and I had three MRIs done before that and all the results came out good. All the doctors said that my head was fine. Some even suggested that I'm making it up and that I have depression or anxiety. But when we came to Cognitive FX and I got a functional MRI, then it was nice to see the proof, the results, that there was something wrong with my head and that they knew how to fix it.

We always knew something was wrong, and one of the frustrations that we've had was just having doctor after doctor tell us that she's fine. And I'm really grateful that our whole family just didn't accept that answer and we knew something was really wrong. We're very grateful that her MRI showed that her head wasn't cracked open and that there wasn't a bone damage or some sort of deeper brain issue. But being able to just see, "Yes, there is something wrong." And with a functional MRI seeing your score was 3.71 when you come in. That's pretty bad. And now, I just got my results and my score is at 0.5 which is really good. Which is extremely normal.

I'm looking forward to getting back into my normal life, like riding my bike and being able to stay at school for the whole day. And I still have a few things that I'll need to keep on doing. Some brain games, physical activity. But if I keep doing that then I'll be back to my normal life in no time.

Huge difference is just hearing you wake up in the morning talking and cheerful and not having to drag you out of bed with the first thing you say is,
"My head hurts. My head hurts." Then just starting your day happily and being ready to go do things. And eating. You're eating again, which I mean, teenagers always eat, and when your teenager stops eating, that's a real sign that something's wrong. And now you're right back in that game again. It's like our life was just
on hold for a whole year. It's like we had the Pause button on. And just for you to be able to start living again, it's just such a joy. I can see it happening already.

Yeah, I would definitely recommend coming to Cognitive FX if you have a concussion, or someone you know had a concussion, I would definitely recommend coming here. And actually, one of the reasons we decided to come here is because my mom watched a lot of the testimonial videos like this one, and based on the videos,
she decided that this place is good and that we have to go here.

And the science. Science supported by real people stories. And I will say that, Sophie, you're such a fan of the place where you've already planned our next vacation to come back and visit everyone here because you love everyone here so much. We've connected so well with everyone here. So you've got a new family to come and visit.