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Brain Injury Recovery [Wakeboarding] [Hailey's Story] (2016)

Hailey was referred here by a family friend to get help with relieving her concussion symptoms she obtained from a waterboarding accident.





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"I had like at 4.7 score with my concussion in the beginning and then I got 0.4 at the end of my scan MRI at the end of the week and it's just like super surprising and just very very hopeful."

Hi, I'm Hailey Hamont. We are from Idaho and we came to the concussion clinic in June. It's been a super awesome experience especially for the end of the week.
We have had our hopes a little down even before, even during but we feel really good after the end. So, I got my concussion by wake-boarding. I actually was tubing that same day and the tube flipped over and I fell and two people fell on me and then I went wake-boarding and I had another bad crash, and then I went to dance a couple weeks after and I could not dance. I was too dizzy, too nauseous, like, my head was pulsing, my head had… just super bad. So, I didn't really do much, like,
exercises really, I mean, we went to a ton of doctors and just like, a ton of therapy.

We tried everything and it didn't really seem to work. But then we found about Cognitive FX through a friend and decided to come. And it was a pretty hard week, but I think that was the only way that we could have those brain functions work again, was through the hard and the fast. We got really good results. I had like a 4.7 at the beginning of my concussion and 6 is the worst, and then I got 0.4 at the end of my scan MRI at the end of the week and it's just, like, super surprising and just very, very hopeful.

The staff here, they were very friendly. Everyone was so nice. Everyone was so nice. We walk in and they were just very sweet
and kind and hopeful to us and gave us hope. They are just great. They were very knowledgeable and just grateful with the results and her brain says it's normal, so I feel like crying because it's awesome. It really is awesome. So, we're just grateful for the hope that she can have her life back.

Yeah, I'm super active. I do almost every sport and I love to dance and I do it with my family too and I haven't been able to do that the past year because I had it in July. So, it's just been super nice to see those results on paper that I have a normal brain. So, it's going to be cool.

She can really get her life back.

We recommend Cognitive FX.