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Concussion Recovery [6 Head Injuries] [RJ's Story] (2016)

RJ came to Cognitive FX 8 years after receiving concussions from playing high school and college football.


RJ Rice



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"Cognitive FX really helped change, it really changed me; they really saved my life."

My name is R.J. Rice. Before the treatment, I had a number of issues, headaches, fogginess, memory loss. I had concussions years ago playing football, both in high school and college, had about six total concussions, last one maybe about eight years ago. And had a lot of, you know, issues like I was saying, fogginess and, you know, not being able to recall things quickly. I was developing depression. I started developing all these things a couple of years ago and kind of dealt with it for a number of years. I went to all sorts of different treatments, different doctors and, you know, things would improve and get a little bit better but nothing real great.

So finally, I heard about Cognitive FX. I came and did my consultation and my MRI, and it's been phenomenal. During the treatment, I learned a ton about, you know, my brain. I learned a lot about, you know, how to interact with different things. I was definitely stretched especially the first few days. You know, I could... It was pretty amazing because I could feel it working. I could feel my brain, it was almost like working out. You know, I am a fitness person and that's my profession as a trainer, and so it almost had that same type of feel as working out. You know when you're working out your muscles or you're doing cardio, you can feel it working.
It's the same type of thing with the therapy. By about the third day, Wednesday, I could feel a considerable difference. I had clarity, I could think a lot
quicker, the games that we were doing and the activities that were doing were becoming easier and easier, and I was doing a lot more advanced things
even by the third and fourth day.

And by the end of the treatment, it was night and day. You know, my MRI results were incredible and, you know, I felt great. I've been able to recall things a lot better, it's improved my family life, you know, my depression is almost non-existent. Things that would normally set me off, get me upset, things, you know, where maybe my brain was working a little bit too hard, I don't have that. I have energy throughout the day. You know, all the things... I feel normal.

To be totally honest, I feel normal for the first time in years and that felt great to finally feel normal again. Cognitive FX really helped change. It really changed me.
They really saved my life. Like I said, depression was a big thing that I battled and not to say I'm completely out of the woods yet, but, you know, I haven't had an issue since. So that's been an incredible blessing.