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Concussion Recovery [Amanda's CFX Story] (2015)

Amanda was brought to Cognitive FX by her parents to get relief from her concussion symptoms that developed while playing softball.


Amanda Insalaco



Mode of Injury:



Date of Injury:


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"They got me back to being myself."

- [Female] Go.

- [Amanda] Hi, I'm Amanda. -

[Mike] And I'm Mike Insalaco.

- And I had a concussion 11 months ago playing softball, and it was so bad, I was so sensitive to light and noise, I couldn't go to school. I missed most of my eighth grade year, and I really missed out on all the things I really wanted to do, and I couldn't play softball, and there's so many things I couldn't do. I was very muddled during that entire time, and then we found Cognitive FX and to them, I was like, "Well, everywhere else they just say sleep, and here, they actually have something, like, will it work?"

And we went and in a week, they were able to get me down so far. They did a couple of extra appointments and they were able to get me better than I ever was and I feel great now, just like my normal self.

- I can't have enough praise for Cognitive FX, and especially for Dr. Fong in her clinic here. What they've been able to do for our daughter is nothing less than miraculous. They took someone who is incredibly sensitive to light and sound, who basically lost her short-term memory, and had every one of the classic symptoms of a concussion.

She even missed two months of school where she laid in bed trying to overcome the effects of the migraine headaches, and she ended up being homeschooled after several months of... just never being able to return to school, lost basically her eighth grade year with friends, and we have seen so many specialists in so many different places and they didn't give us very much hope.

And then one day, we found Cognitive FX and we were very hopeful that Cognitive FX will be able to help our daughter and they did exactly what they promised to do. The way that they treat the patients here, they have this EPIC treatment plan where you go eight hours a day for three and a half days and they fix you in ways that no one else said that they can do.

They said, "Just sleep it off. Maybe in a year, you'll be better. Take some medicine and your headache might go away," and none of that worked. We saw in Day 2 that our daughter was different. She had that sparkle back in her eye, she was alert, she had almost no symptoms after two days.

At three days, she had no symptoms at all. Before this all happened, before we came here, she would write everything on a sticky note, everything, because she couldn't remember basic steps and do things and that is how she functioned. Our house was littered with sticky notes everywhere. And then, they came and they did their therapy and she was able to remember not just 1 or 2 or 3 things, not 15, but 30 things in a row in exactly the same order that they told her.

Her mind works better than it has ever worked. They've activated parts of her brain that had been knocked offline, and we are so indebted to Dr. Fong and her clinic here. We got our daughter back and there's no price you can put on that, and we're just very grateful and thankful. Our daughter, on a scale from like zero to six, the higher you are on that scale, the worst you are off.

Our daughter started at a 4.75, and now after what they've done here and homework that she had to do, she's actually a negative, which is better than normal. We thank the research that's done here, and all the professionals that are here, and especially Dr. Fong and her staff. So we're indebted.

Thank you very much.

- Thank you.