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Concussion Recovery [Amanda's Story] (2017)

Amanda came to Cognitive FX after a couple of years dealing with concussion symptoms after a hiking accident.


Amanda Hatch



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"I feel like I've found who I was before to a point, and who I really can see myself being."

My name is Amanda.

[Interviewer] And then, what was life like before Cognitive FX for you?

Life was extremely difficult. I try and describe it this way, it felt like I was a different person. So I was someone and then I had a car accident and I was a completely different person in how my mind worked, and how my brain worked, and how I felt mentally and emotionally. I felt as if I was lost somehow or dumb. It's so very sad, a lot of depression, and anxiety, and just different, not even the same person in a negative way. During treatment? Okay so, I had some days that were very tiring and then I had other days where I woke up with a ton of energy and I was ready to go and I felt good the whole day. And so, I think it just depended on the activities we were doing and where I was in treatment, but as treatment was going on, I could feel in my brain that my brain was acting and thinking more efficiently. I could actually feel it in myself.

- Awesome.

And how do you feel now that you've completed your treatment?

- How do I feel now?

I feel... I feel renewed. I feel like I've been found, it's like I've found who I was before to a point and who I really can see myself being. I feel like I have confidence again in how my brain works. I can remember things, which is huge. I feel intelligent, I feel like I can have a conversation with someone and keep up and not feel like
I can't recall words or I don't understand what they're talking about. I feel like a normal human rather than someone who is deeply struggling. I knew this person was in there and I'm here. I've been found and I feel amazing.

- Would you recommend this treatment for other people?

- Oh my gosh, yes. I would recommend it to anyone who's experienced some kind of trauma to the head. I would. I've actually been thinking of people in my life, I'm like, "They would love this. They would benefit from this." I would recommend this. I would recommend Cognitive FX. Thank you to everyone. Thank you to Dr. Fong for taking the time to educate me on how the brain works, and how their technology works, and how the treatment works. And I thank all of my therapists that I worked with, each of you are special people and you will be special in my heart forever.