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Concussion Recovery [Cheerleading] (2016)

Andrea came to Cognitive FX for relief from his post concussion symptoms due to a severe car accident that happened two years ago.


Andrea Sunduk



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"I just feel way better and I recommend you to come here if you have a concussion because you'll feel better like me."

I was in a cheer leading accident a year ago and I hit my head on the floor. And at first, I just had like a really bad headache so I just kept hearing, thinking that I was going to be fine. But then I tried to go to school the next day and I was super dizzy and I just got really sick and my head hurt and I couldn't focus and so, like, the nurse told me to go home and I didn't go to school for the next week. So, I went to the doctor and he just said that I had a mild concussion and so I was like, "Okay."
And I went back to school and nothing was, like, getting better. So, then I went to a neurologist and my neurological assessment was, like, good and it was normal. So, I just kept going to school.

But then we saw this Cognitive FX on the news and we decided to try it. And so, yeah. I came and at first, it was really, really hard. Like, I'm going to start crying. The first day, like, they just push you but they're, like, the people you work with are just so nice to you so it, like, makes it all better, you know? And the next day, my second day, I came back and my head just hurt so bad but I kept working hard because I just wanted to get better. And throughout the week, it just got better and better. And then I came for my second functional MRI and it felt so much easier and my concussion went down from a 3.01 to a 0.5. So, that's exciting. And yeah, I just feel way better and I recommend to come here if you have a concussion because you'll feel better like me.

- [Woman] So, I'm Andy's mom. After her cheer leading accident, she wasn't the same her. School was hard and she wasn't happy. She just wasn't herself. And we had tried lots of things but nothing was getting better. And she's a dancer and she couldn't dance and that was the worst thing of all. So, like she said, we saw the story
on the news and we came to the clinic and we were a little skeptical honestly. I mean, it makes sense that it should work but after seeing her struggle for that long we really didn't think anything would fix it. So, we came and we saw the first MRI results and it was very validating to really see that there was something wrong because every place else we went, they told her it would just go away and we knew it wasn't just going away. So, it was good to see that there actually was a reason for her struggles. So, like she said, she wanted to get better so she worked really hard.

She followed all the recommendations during her week of treatment. She worked hard. She had her first regular day back to school.

- Yeah, yeah. It was so great.

- Her first full day at school. Her headache only got as bad as a three,which normally at school was an eight. So, that was exciting. She understood at math for the first time in a year. And she gets to dance again and that was what she wanted. So, I don't know. I mean, it's wonderful to have it be done and have her be better.

- Go get better.