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Concussion Recovery [Emily's Story] (2017)

Emily came to Cognitive FX for relief from her concussion like symptoms she developed from brain damage she sustained from mental illness and addiction.





Mode of Injury:

Brain damage


Date of Injury:

Date of Treatment:


"I just feel like this week has given me such an opportunity to change my life and stay motivated to keep moving forward."

My names's Emily. And some symptoms that I experienced before I came here was, like, I was just really tired all the time and I felt really hopeless about my life. I honestly felt like I already peaked when I was 15. Like, I was like, "Oh, my God, everything's just going downhill." I felt really out of control.I didn't really have a concussion or a big head injury per se but I did struggle with a lot of mental illness and addiction problems, which led to my brain suffering a lot of damage over time and shrinking and growing in size and stuff. There was just like a lot of, like, loss of control and, like, hopelessness going on with my brain.

But this week here, somehow has, like, really changed everything. Like, I really don't know how it happened. It was, like, amazing. I just did stuff like running on a treadmill and reciting colors in different orders, or touching lights on a board, or playing games on a computer and stuff. And honestly, like, it was like one of the
most fun weeks of my life because I've been in treatment for 5 months, and so, just getting a break from that place and coming here, it was just super cool. And also, just seeing my numbers decrease. Like, I don't know. I started out in, like, not a good zone, and, like, just seeing the results. I thought they would have been better. So, I was, like, really shocked to see all the damage I've done. But just seeing the number change entirely over a week has given me so much hope. Honestly, I'm really excited to do all of the stuff that you guys have taught me and to, like, maintain my progress because I just feel like this week has given me, like, such a good opportunity to change my life and really keep going forward.

And I'm really motivated to do everything I can with what you've given me. So, yeah, Cognitive FX is cool. For anyone that's not sure if they should come here, the only thing I can say to you is, like, you should come here. When I first found out about this place, I thought it was stupid. Like, I was like, "Your brain can't change." Like, okay, I'm just permanently ruined. Like, there's no point in coming here. But my treatment center made me come here. And honestly, I am so thankful because I
started out on Monday really skeptical, and I'm leaving on Friday, like, completely, like, like everything in my life has changed. It feels like, like, I honestly just feel
so much more positive and, like, alive. So, I'm just really saying if everything feels hopeless right now, you definitely need to come here. Like, this place is for you.