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Concussion Recovery [Injured 50 Years Ago] [Steve's Story] (2016)

Steve came to Cognitive FX to get relief from his post-concussion symptoms that developed from a concussion that happened 50 years ago.





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"The improvement was amazing, the level of things I was able to remember was significantly more and my confidence and my ability to do more was significantly impacted."

My name is Steve and I got to Cognitive FX probably not the usual way because my concussion occurred 49, 50 years ago, at least the main one. And due to some friends and relatives that were pointing out some challenges that I had and I was in my older years and I told them, "This is the way it's always been." And that's kind of, since it's been that way always, I showed up with opportunity to figure out what was going on, and they weren't even sure that I would benefit from the therapy
until we did the scan. When we did the scan to, I think it was to several people in the family, and it was a shock to me too.

I met five out of the five markers for a concussion. The week of therapy was fantastic, hard work. At least I put my effort into it, and had a lot of fun. It was challenging, but there were points where I could feel my brain thinking differently. It's hard to describe, but the processes were going on that hadn't happened before or at least for 50 years. And at the end, the improvement was amazing. The level of things I was able to remember was significantly more and my confidence in my ability to do more was significantly impacted. So it was a great experience and now I am continuing to work on it to enjoy the benefits of a realigned brain.

Thank you.