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Concussion Recovery [Kylee's Story] (2017)

Jessica brought her daughter Kylee to Cognitive FX because she was dealing with symptoms from a concussion including feeling more emotional , anxiety, and depression.





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“It was amazing to watch her day to day and how it progressively got easier and easier for her to do… Now she is our happy Kylee again and it is a joy to see that change in her.” - Kylee’s Mom Jessica

I'm Kylee and this is my mom, Jessica. Before I got this treatment done, I was feeling a little bit scared when I first came here, but I used to have a lot of bad moments that I couldn't control and it was really, really hard for me. I got really sad easily and mad. My anxiety was...got harder.

[Jessica] Kylee would go from having happy moments to extremely horrible, can't control herself emotions. You couldn't rationalize with her. Her sleeping... She couldn't control her brain. And so, it wouldn't stop working at night and she would wake up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning several times saying, "I'm still awake.
I need help." And her brain just wouldn't turn off.

- Yeah, If I don't take Melatonin, I won't go to sleep. It's hard until I came here. It was crazy. We did a bunch of therapy. It's crazy and awesome. I really liked it.
We did some muscular therapy. We did lots of things. It was awesome. We did Dynavision which was probably my favorite one. It was awesome. I really liked it.

- I got to sit here and watch Kylee throughout the week while she was doing her different therapies. I was in a lounge and she would come back and tell me about all of her different classes that she did, and it was amazing to watch from day to day how it progressively got easier and easier for her to do, and it was just neat to watch
as each of the people in this clinic would come in and they would cheer each other on and they would help each other throughout this process, too. They were never alone. The therapists were including just as amazing and wonderful to help with the different struggles that each of them had, was wonderful.

- I feel great. Before I was just, like, miserable and tired. I'm still a little bit tired, but I feel great and awesome.

- I noticed about day two, Kylee, her emotions were in check and that was a ginormous change for her. She was able to collectively respond the way that a normal person would have, whereas before she would have gone from 0 to 60 really fast. And now, she is our happy Kylee again and it's a joy to see that change in her.

- If you are looking at coming here, do. It's amazing.

- I would definitely agree with that. I would say anybody who is thinking about coming here, it's definitely worth your dime. It's expensive but it's very worth it. It will change your life. You'll feel normal again.