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Concussion Recovery [Migraines] [Kirsten's Story] (2016)

Kirsten came to Cognitive FX for relief from post-concussion symptoms that occurred from two severe concussions.





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"The people here put their time and effort into you during the hour that they have, you have their full undivided attention."

I'm Kirsten, I'm 16, and I've suffered from two severe concussions. I had a lot of problems before. I got pain. My highest level was always a six, it was never below that. I got migraines from it. I had a constant headache. It never went away and then the headache would go to a full-blown migraine. I always had to go in a dark room, lay down, and that would go for two to three days at a time. I had to be taken out of school because of it. I had to quit sports, couldn't do anything because of it. Couldn't do anything.

- [Kirsten's mom] As parents, it was really hard to watch our very active, very outgoing, very athletic daughter not be able to do anything that she enjoyed anymore. We did have to withdraw her from school because she couldn't focus. Her pain was so great and it is amazing what can be done in four or five days at Cognitive FX. We have our daughter back. She is registered to start school in the next trimester. She's smiling, her eyes are twinkling, the color is back, and, you know, this is the girl we lost a year and a half ago, and truly it's because of this place. So we would absolutely recommend Cognitive FX for anyone who's had any kind of brain injury.

- The therapy is amazing. The people here put their time and effort into you during the hour that they have you. They have your full undivided attention. That's what I meant. Their full, undivided attention.

- So the therapy is so specific for each patient, the four other patients that were here with Kirsten during the week, their therapy was different than her therapy because their injury was different than Kirsten's injury and so it's so specialized. The functional MRI is an amazing piece of equipment that can tell exactly what parts
of your brain are working or not working, and therefore the therapy is...what's the word?

- Specific.

- Yeah. Specific for each patient and putting it all together is what makes this whole thing work and heal the brain.

- And they made the therapy really fun, I enjoyed every single one of them.