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Concussion Recovery [Morgan's Story] (2016)

Morgan came to Cognitive FX for relief from post-concussion symptoms that are the result from obtaining multiple concussions over the years.





Mode of Injury:

Multiple concussions


Date of Injury:

Date of Treatment:


"After a week here at Cognitive FX, I feel like the brain fog has lifted."

My name's Morgan Maxfield. I've had somewhere between four and six concussions and I just finished a week here at Cognitive FX. When I came in, I was having pretty severe headaches. I would start my day without a headache, by the time I was out the door, going to school, I was at a four. By the time I'd been through my first period class, I was at a six. And by the time I got home, I was at an eight. Really caused a lot of problems. I couldn't concentrate on reading. I couldn't comprehend the reading. The headaches and just the brain fog in general were really, really inhibiting to me. But after a week here at Cognitive FX, I feel like the brain fog has lifted. My headaches are down significantly. The worst headache I've had since my week here has been a level four. I really feel like it's helped and was worth it. It was good.

- [Woman] But that's only one of the symptoms. You forgot all the other ones. If he got up at 7:00 in the morning, by 7:45 he was exhausted. He could not get through the day without a nap. He'd take a nap at lunch. He was missing out on social life at school. As a senior in high school, that's a big deal. He'd get home and couldn't concentrate on homework and it was all he could do to stay awake long enough to wait for a bedtime to go to bed at a reasonable time. Memory was really spotty
and he had spots in his vision. It was everywhere. He had spots everywhere. But probably the biggest symptom that I didn't even realize until after our first consultation with Cognitive FX, when he actually realized that there was a possibility of having a normal life, he started to open up to me about a lot of other symptoms that he'd been experiencing and never told me, and the one that really got to me was the facial recognition. He said he couldn't close his eyes and be
able to describe somebody that he had just been talking to, including me, his mother. So, that was pretty dramatic. And it's all better. It is all better. It's been shocking to watch him as the week has gone through to see the differences. And the very first thing, I picked him up for lunch on the first day, and the volume of his voice...
He was soft spoken, and he's never been a yeller, he's never been loud and obnoxious, but it was a shocking change that I wasn't expecting and that has not changed.
And every day it's just a little bit more. And then at the end of Wednesday, he came home and I said, "What'd you do?" And he's telling me that one of the exercises, they had to memorize random lists of words. And I said, "Like what?" I expected him to give me 2 or 3 options, and he rattles off 25 words, totally random words, in groups of 5.

- It was helicopter, pizza, bed, shoes, and moon. That was one of them. I still remember that.

- That was not possible.

 - I think I could probably do all 30 of them right now.

- The Friday before he started this, that was not possible, and by Wednesday, by the third day, he was doing it. It's nothing short of a miraculous blessing. I've got my boy back.