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Mini-Stroke Recovery [Alexis' Story] (2016)

Alexis came to Cognitive FX after having several mini strokes or TIAs. He saw a testimonial on KSL talking about their experience and decided to see what can be done for him. 


Alexis Tanner



Mode of Injury:

Numerous mini-strokes


Date of Injury:

Date of Treatment:

"The method they use here is not a one size fits all. They work together and have a team that works so that your interests are the main goal and I am pleased and I am happy to recommend Cognitive FX to anyone and everyone."

He thought that his current level of performance was where he was going to be at for the rest of his life.

He was impressed by the different disciplines that are used during the treatment program. He was happy to find out that not only did his brain improve, he also felt at peace and noticed that his ability to attentive and alert had improved.