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Post-Concussion Symptoms Resolved [Soccer Injury] [Molly's Story] (2016)

Molly came to Cognitive FX after getting eight concussions from playing soccer. She was informed of Cognitive FX by a classmate. After researching what the clinic specializes in, she decided to give it a shot.


Molly Poletto



Mode of Injury:

Multiple Concussions


Date of Injury:

July 2016

Date of Treatment:

October 2016

"I would definitely recommend Cognitive FX to anyone, whether it's a concussion or a fall where they are struggling to get rid of symptoms."

After the eighth concussion, she experienced a plateau in her cognitive abilities.

She was impressed by being able to reduce severity of her physical symptoms. She was happy to find out that not only did her cognitive functions fall in the normal ranges, she noticed that she isn't as fatigued as she used to be and her memory had become sharper..