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Post-Concussion Treatment [Hayley's Story]

Hayley had 4 concussions as an elite volleyball player. It has been a very hard journey for her and she medically retired from Volleyball in May of 2017, ever since her injury she has been dealing with cognitive and processing issues.





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"I didn't actually think this could possibly happen [improvement in brain function], they send you home with a packet of things to continue... they have really laid the foundation for reconnecting things that have been shut down due to injury."

Hayley Hodson came to Cognitive FX after dealing with symptoms from 4 concussions from volleyball.

It has been a hard journey dealing with psychological issues, headaches, dizziness, vision, balance issues, cognitive processing issues, and more.

It took a long time before she knew her symptoms were from her concussions, because her symptoms sis not start appearing until later. She medically retired from Volleyball in May of 2017.

A family friend encouraged her to come to Cognitive FX, and she decided to give CFX a try after trying all kinds of doctors without getting much relief.

During treatment, she felt understood and validated that no symptom is too small, and no concussion is to old to be treated. All the therapists know what you are talking about when you come here.

Treatment was hard, it is brain boot camp. You do all sorts of things starting with a functional MRI looking at all the parts of your brain and how they are working. Your treatment is based on your own scans.

It is incredible to have a second scan and see where you improve. It was a wild ride, lots of ups and downs. Hayley's brain was really working and learning.

You have the tools to continue improving with a packet of things you can keep doing. She is hopeful and amazed at how it works.

She knows there is a long way to go for the country and recognizing and treating and supporting people who have invisible injuries.