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Post-Concussion Treatment [Rand's CFX Story] (2015)

Rand came to Cognitive FX after being hit in the back of the head with a 65 pound draw weight from stretching the limbs on a longbow. He was suffering from symptoms of slowed cognition and hypersensitivity to sound. 


Rand Kerr



Mode of Injury:

Bow Accident



Date of Injury:


Date of Treatment:

March 2015

“It was about my third day that I was here, I literally felt like somebody put a pipe cleaner up in my head and cleared out a clog and it was that day that I felt the difference.”

He wasn't sure what to expect when he came into the office but decided to move forward with treatment after the consultation.

He was impressed with the array of services that used to relieve his symptoms. He enjoyed going from one different level of stimuli to another. After the third day of treatment he began to notice a difference in his symptoms.