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Baseline Testing

If you are just starting a new sports season now is the perfect time to get a baseline test!

Common Questions About Baseline Testing

What is a concussion baseline test?

1. What is a concussion baseline test?

A concussion baseline test is done before you are injured. This test will help you understand and know your state of physical ability and your brain function levels. A concussion baseline test will measure a few things including processing speed, current symptoms, pain levels, balance, and physical abilities.

If it is before the start of your sport’s new season or you’re just getting started, now is the perfect time to get a baseline test. If you or your child are beginning to play sports, this is also an excellent time to get this test.

Typically a baseline test is taken before being injured. Your baseline gives us data to compare to if you get hurt later on.

If you have been injured and after 30 days you are still experiencing any of the symptoms listed below you may be looking for a consultation instead of a baseline test.

  • Brain Fog
  • Depression and/or Anxiety
  • Easily Get Lost or Confused
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches and/or Migraines
  • Lack of Focus
  • Loss of Balance or Dizziness
  • Loss of Smell
  • Mood Changes
  • Poor Concentration
  • Sensitivity to Light and/or Noise
  • Short or Long Term Memory Loss
  • Slowness in Thinking and Processing
  • Visual Disturbance
Why is a concussion baseline test important?

2. Why is a concussion baseline test important?

There have been many studies done that show the importance of baseline tests, particularly baseline tests that can objectively measure what is happening in the brain and body. We encourage you to get your baseline test from Canary Concussion

The goal of a baseline test is to have something to compare yourself to or your child to if an injury occurs later. When an individual repeats the baseline test after an injury, they may not do as well as they did on the original baseline test.

This can indicate a concussion and will help you make better decisions about when you or your child should return to play and/or to regular activities such as school, or work.

If you are showing the signs and symptoms of a concussion on a second baseline test, we may recommend a consultation to see how we can help. 

What is the difference between a baseline test and fNCI?

3. What is the difference between a baseline test and fNCI?

Canary Concussion baseline testing uses an app to ask a series of questions. You will also participate in very basic activities to test and measure your balance. A baseline test typically takes around 30 minutes. You can contact canary concussion here for more information. 

An fNCI is an imaging technology we use to diagnose a concussion. This imaging is used to direct individual treatment protocols during our EPIC Treatment Program. To complete the fNCI it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.  You can learn more about fNCI technology and its applications and uses here.


Connect with Canary Concussion

We have worked closely with Canary Concussion and we highly recommend utilizing their technology and testing on a regular basis. 

You can contact Canary Concussion here to learn more about their app, and to schedule a baseline test.