About The Position

Responsibilities & Duties

• Administer Dynavision, Synaptec, Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator (NSI), Interactive Metronome (IM), Eye-Tracker, and Brainwave Entertainment.
• Challenge the patients in each therapy session.
• Be a positive support for the patients even when it is difficult.
• Communicate any concerns that arise with your team.
• Communicate with the Patient Care Coordinator and the Director of Treatment when an issue arises with a patient.
• Make sure patients are on time to your appointments.
• Complete any other task willingly that is given to you to help the team succeed.
• Help Patient Care Coordinator with tasks when you are not with patients (including taking vitals and blood of each patient).


• College Diploma, preferably related to neuroscience, other life sciences, or therapeutic majors.
• Great with people, especially those in distress.
• Attentive to emotions.
• Experience in patient interaction.
• Intuitive, observant, and connects well with others.
• Works well without constant direction and finds solutions to problems without being asked.
Certified Nursing Assistant is preferred