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Dementia Treatment

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Dementia is a general term used by the medical community to diagnose cognitive decline that is serious enough to interfere with a persons daily life.

Dementia is often incorrectly assumed to be a given part of advanced age, this widespread belief is incorrect serious cognitive decline is not associated with aging.


Dementia is caused by damage to different brain regions.  As this damage occurs areas of the brain that are supposed to communicate are unable to do so.  At Cognitive FX, our advanced fMRI technology allows use to analyze over fifty different brain regions.  This scan reveals what areas have gone into decline and allows use to customize our therapy for each individual.

While most changes to the brain associated with dementia are permanent and decline over time, treatment and medication have been shown to slow this decline.

By slowing the cognitive decline, the patient is able to function normally for a longer period of time.  Some dementia conditions may improve if they are a result of the following:

  • Depression
  • Thyroid Problem
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Medication Side Effects



There are many different tests that can determine if an individual is suffering from dementia.  The differences between these test is the granularity of data that is created.  I doctor through examination of a patient medical history and physical examination can determine if a patient has dementia with a high degree of certainty.  While this is helpful to a patient because now they know what they suffer from it doesn’t provide enough information to tailor the most efficient treatment.

Brain Imaging

Neuroimaging is among the most promising technique for early detection of dementia.

 The MRI at Cognitive FX can provide both structural images of the brain and functional images.

A structural image can reveal the size of the brain, research has shown the people with dementia have shrinkage in specific brain regions.  The functional images can show the level of activity in regions of the brain and research shows certain areas of the brain decline in activity when a person has dementia.

Cognitive FX Difference

At Cognitive FX we are able to provide both structural and functional images as well as experienced clinicians that can aid in the diagnose and treatment.  With a proprietary fNCI scan doctors are able to know exact regions that are impaired and customize the treatment accordingly.