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280 W River Park Drive Suite 110 Provo, UT

Our Mission

Cognitive FX (CFX) is located in Provo, UT and was founded in 2014 by Dr. Mark Allen, Dr. Alina Fong, and Dr. Lynn Gaufin. They felt the standard of care for patients struggling with long-term concussion symptoms or post-concussion syndrome (PCS) needed to be improved to give patients relief from their symptoms. Cognitive FX has treated over 2,000 patients and has established a reputation as a clinic where patients find answers and solutions to their long-term symptoms. Cognitive FX has over 20 peer-reviewed research publications contributing to the field of neuroscience.

Scientific Advancements Scientific Advancements-White

Scientific Advancements

We began our journey in scientific research, and we will continue to advance the field of neuroscience through our research contributions and publications. We are dedicated to continuing to uncover and explore the brain and all its capabilities.
Collaboration & Teamwork Collaboration & Teamwork- White

Collaboration & Teamwork

Our multidisciplinary approach makes our treatment extremely effective and unique for our patients. Working together, with our patients' improvements at our focus, gives patients the treatment they need to get better and to continue to have hope.
Premier Patient Experience Premier Patient Experience- White

Premier Patient Experience

The quality of care we provide for patients is always at the forefront of everything we do. Our patients have experienced so much already, and having qualified therapists and trainers that are supportive, empathetic, and provide individual quality care, is vital for our patients and their recovery.
Dedication to patient outcomes Dedication to patient outcomes- White

Dedication to Patient Outcomes

As we establish the standard of care for post-concussion syndrome, we continue to be dedicated to our patients making significant improvements, both during and after their treatment.
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Quality of Life

Everything we do in treatment is foundational to providing a higher quality of life for each of our patients moving forward. Our goal is to help patients increase their quality of life and be empowered about doing the things they love and enjoy.
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Curated Therapy Team

Our Staff is handpicked for their experience in their field and their experience working with individuals with brain injury. We also ensure that our team is patient, understanding, kind, and attentive toward every individual they work with.

The Right Therapists with the Right Technology

Our therapists and trainers are certified in their unique fields, and they work together to bring you individualized treatment. They are a vital part of our success and patient outcomes during each week. Meet the entire CFX Team and get to know who they are and why they are part of CFX.


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