280 W River Park Dr Suite 110 Provo, Utah 84604

Chance Hansen

Digital Sales and Content Manager

Chance is the Lead of Digital Sales and Content. Chance recieved his bachelors degree in Advertising from Brigham Young University, with a minor in Design. While a student, he won multiple gold awards for his work on spec ad campains and for a national student marketing competition.


Since Chance was 12 years old, he always loved telling stories through the camera and taught himself how to shoot, write, and edit films and videos. With almost 15 years of behind the camera experience, in the edit bay, and nearly as many years in audio and lighting, he has pushed himself to become a master of his craft. After he earned his Advertising degree he went on to work in several different markets utilizing his film, advertising, and marketing skills; some of which include home improvement, traditional retail, online retail, and medical.


He has a strong sense of compassion and understanding and seeks to use his knowledge and experience to help others improve their lives. Chance continues to increase his knowledge with a drive to always learn a new skill, talent, or technique to improve the lives of his family, his personal life, and others.