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The CFX Difference for Concussion Treatment

Our Treatment Approach

At Cognitive FX we often treat individuals for concussion(s) who have been elsewhere for concussion treatment(s) without success.

Some of these patients have even been sent away from other treatment facillities told that there is nothing they can do about their concussion symptoms.  Often they are told to rest and wait, or that there is nothing physically wrong with them. Some of our patients have had specialists say that any problems they might be experiencing are most likely psychological, or from a different cause.

Many times Cognitive FX can pinpoint and help these patients find answers and give them an Enhanced Performance in Cognition, EPIC Concussion/ Brain Injury Treatment protocol that will address their specific concerns and symptoms. Some patients come to us with a misdiagnosis of dementia when in reality they were suffering from lasting symptoms of a concussion.

Results & Patient Outcomes

The overwhelming majority of our patients find significant improvement with our EPIC Treatment Concussion Program—including how they feel subjectively in addition to measurable clinical outcomes using fNCI. While we do not call into question the basic clinical competence of other treatment professionals, our concussion treatment at Cognitive FX is a protocol grounded in solid principles of evidence-based best practice. This treatment approach is the product of over a decade of research to create the optimal clinical environment for recovery from mild traumatic brain injury or a concussion.

The EPIC Treatment Concussion Program at Cognitive FX is a protocol grounded in solid principles of evidence-based best practice. This means that our research is at the core of everything we do to make the best decisions for our patients and their care. Our program is continously improving based on research findings in the field of neuroscience, and  reserach at our clinic.

We use two different patient outcome measurements, subjective, and objective. Overall, we are seeing that improvement is possible. You can learn more about our patient outcomes and results here >

Research & Science

The key to our success is science. Everything Cognitive FX does is built upon the foundation of cutting edge research in the physiology of concussion trauma and treatment. It is often surprising how long it can take the latest scientific and technological advances in medicine to be implemented into current treatment practices. 

At Cognitive FX, our focus is on concussion treatment allowing us to fast-track substantial scientific findings and advanced technologies into our present treatment protocols. Everything is done to increase our knowledge and understanding of the brain and its ability to recover. 


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Results Outcomes


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The Cognitive FX Difference

Here you will find the main elements that make our EPIC Treatment Program stand out from other less successful approaches to mTBI rehabilitation.

1- EPIC Treatment Begins with Objective functional NeuroCognitve Imaging – fNCI 

By starting with the fNCI, our team of specialists can quickly confirm and diagnose a concussion and mTBI. fNCI also helps us determine if EPIC Treatment is the correct treatment approach for you to address your specific symptoms. While we do use some traditional MRI scans in this process, to check on the structure and potential cervical problems, fNCI is what helps guide specific concussion treatment protocols throughout EPIC Treatment.

The main advantages that fNCI has over regular scans alone are:

  • fNCI detects brain dysfunction that often occurs in brain cells when all other scans show normal results
  •  fNCI detects changes in brain function that occur over days (and even hours), giving fNCI the ability to assess immediate effects of concussion and to monitor changes in rehabilitation over time. An initial fNCI will provide a starting point that we can then use to track recovery effectiveness by being compared to a follow-up scan at the end of treatment.

2- Our treatment approach employs aggressive activity-based rehabilitation. 

Over the last decade, the standard of care for concussion recovery has been to rest. This method instructs the patient to do nothing more than rest until all symptoms of concussion have resolved. It is a common belief that nothing can be done for a concussion and that to engage in any strenuous exercise, either cognitive or physical, may delay recovery.

The scientific evidence, however, does not support either of these assumptions. How long you should rest after an injury depends on each individual and their specific injury. Like other injuries, rest is required immediately after an injury, but it comes to a point when it is time to be active again and continuing to rest won’t rehabilitate the body. Successful recovery, for most of the body, calls for active rehabilitation and therapy to heal properly.

Our research findings prove that using an active rehabilitation approach is necessary for the brain as well. Our team of trained specialists understand the timing of active therapy and rest for each individual. Activity will mean different things for each patient, and we work with patients at their level, helping them to improve their activity throughout the week.

3-EPIC Concussion Treatment is individual, comprehensive, and holistic.

Our team will work with each patient to address all cognitive, physical, emotional and sleep issues that come with post-concussion injury. Our multi-disciplinary team approach happens in one facility, making it a more efficient collaborative effort. As a team, we focus on creating a nurturing and supportive environment for every patient.

The schedule of therapies that each patient receives is a product of many years of outcome-based research that prescribes alternating between sessions of work, rest, and assessment providing optimal recovery. Every patient’s schedule will be unique and individual to their needs and symptoms. While each patient may be working with the same specialists, what they are doing in their individual sessions will be unique.

4- Evidence-Based Best Practice

Our EPIC Treatment Program has shown that individuals have improvement in their symptoms and brain functioning within one week of treatment. EPIC Treatment results can and have been measured objectively with fNCI and are also measure subjectively with daily self-reporting. Our patients report successful and long-lasting outcomes, making our approach here very different than other clinics and treatments available.

With thousands of brain scans, many patients, and years of research, CFX is uncovering new information about the brain. Our team has gone through extensive training and is committed to providing rigorous, on-going scientific analysis of treatment effectiveness

Cognitive FX is simply the very best place in the world to go for concussion treatment. We say this boldly and without reservation. Military and professional athletic organizations recognize this and support us. Now, as this treatment is readily available to everyone, we are continually committed to expanding our knowledge and abilities to help individuals understand and have hope for their future after brain injury.

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