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Dr. Mark D. Allen, PhD


Co-Founder, Neuroscientist

Mark D. Allen earned a PhD in Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University with post-doctoral training in Cognitive Neuroscience and Functional Neuroimaging at the University of Washington. As a cofounder, Dr. Allen developed the scientific foundation and technological innovations that make treatment at Cognitive Fx unique and exceptional. Dr. Allen is a pioneer in the development of fMRI for use in clinical settings.


Significant scientific contributions include the development of neuroimaging biomarkers for post-concussion diagnosis and treatment and theoretical work in the pathophysiology of chronic post-concussion symptoms. Specifically, his research led to the discovery of the key role of neurovascular coupling dysfunction in post-concussion syndrome. Significant clinical contributions include fMRI patient assessment based on individual neuroanatomy analysis—he has performed over 10,000 such assessments to date.


Additional clinical contributions include the development of a unique high intensity interval training protocol of cardiovascular exercise that targets restoration of neuronal function and cerebrovascular responsivity. Most recently, Dr, Allen has co-engineered a machine learning-based program for functional neuroanatomical discovery, and highly advanced fMRI analysis techniques which provide a more reliable and standardized method of fMRI analysis on concussion patients