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Dr. Heath Lorzel, PhD

Director of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Heath Lorzel received his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University.  His background includes extensive work in machine learning, computational analysis, and prototype development in the fields of spacecraft propulsion, hypersonic re-entry vehicles, spin-spray chemical reactors, magnetic materials, metal-air batteries, gas-turbine compressors, hydraulic fracturing, solar power, hydropanels, multi-player games, quantitative investing, and medical imaging.


Dr. Lorzel first came to Cognitive FX as a patient in 2017, seeking treatment for lingering cognitive and physical deficits after contracting a viral encephalitis. After recovering, he joined the team in 2019 as the Director of Artificial Intelligence. His work includes the development of several machine learning algorithms that automate patient scheduling, brain MRI parcellation, fMRI processing, and analysis of new fMRI protocols. He has also developed prototypes of rehabilitation equipment based on his own experience recovering from a brain injury.


Dr. Lorzel's contributions to the clinic have dramatically increased our ability to help patients. While often unseen, his efforts have propelled our progress both in researching brain injury as well as patient outcomes