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Dr. Jaycie Loewen



Director of Clinical and Research Operations

Dr. Jaycie Loewen is a Clinical Neuroscientist who received her Doctorate of Neuroscience at the University of Utah. Her background includes the study of basic and clinical brain injury, including the publication of research regarding mechanisms of epilepsy pathophysiology and collaboration with Utah’s Anticonvulsant Drug Discovery Laboratory. Her work has elucidated the role of glial and neuronal profiles in viral-induced brain injury and acute seizures. Dr. Loewen is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholar, with a Master's in Clinical Investigation awarded in 2018, as well as a recipient of the Higher Education Teaching Specialist Certificate.


Dr. Loewen has presented at numerous large conferences during her time at Cognitive FX, including the International Brain Injury Association World Congress. She, Dr. Alina Fong, and Dr. Mark Allen have collaborated with the CDC to author a paper on neuroimaging in pediatric mild traumatic injury patients in 2020. Dr. Loewen currently aids in literature analysis and publication of scientific articles for the clinic, as well as conducting research – including that on COVID-19’s effects on the brain. Alongside also providing patient care, Dr. Loewen has taught graduate neurobiology classes at Brigham Young University, facilitates blog and video content for Cognitive FX, and mentors research interns.



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