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280 W River Park Drive Suite 110 Provo, UT

Dr. Lynn M. Gaufin, MD


Director of Neurosurgery

Dr. Lynn Gaufin graduated from the University of Utah and then attended medical school at Cornell University in New York City.  After medical school he join the Army and was a surgeon in the military before finishing his Neurological Residency at University of California Los Angeles.

Dr. Gaufin specializes in cervical and lumbar spine surgery, brain tumors, brain hemorrhages, and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Gaufin is one of the emergency trauma neurosurgeons on call at Utah Valley Hospital. Before he began his practice in Utah he saw a significant amount of traumatic brain injuries during his career in the Army and his residency in Los Angeles. 

As a surgeon who treats individuals who suffer from mild to severe traumatic brain injuries he recognized a problem in the post operative rehabilitation.  Individuals who suffered severe trauma would be admitted into speciality facilities where they would receive months of care.  But patients who had a more mild trauma would be released and would largely be on their own when it came to restoring their cognitive function.  That problem is what lead Dr. Gaufin to team up with Dr. Fong and Dr. Allen in the creation of Cognitive FX.  Cognitive FX was able to take the research that Dr. Fong and Dr. Allen started in their Phd programs and bring it into the clinical environment.


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  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons