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Cognitive FX is a premier concussion and brain injury rehabilitation clinic located in Provo, Utah. Our treatment programs last one to two weeks and includes state of the art imaging, a multidisciplinary therapy team, and resources for your ongoing recovery. 

At Cognitive FX we have helped patients from all over the world through our treatment that is tailored to your symptoms. to learn more about the EPIC Treatment program, click here or keep reading below. 

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Before beginning treatment Cognitive FX patients experience a variety of symptoms. Every concussion is different, which makes them difficult for many  to understand  because the symptoms vary so broadly. Theses 5 symptoms  may be similar to yours- but your experience with concussion is unique to you!
Cognitive FX Treatment is based upon the symptoms you experience due to neurovascular coupling dysregulation, autonomic dysfunction,  vision and vestibular dysfunction, and many other factors.
Time since Injury- Paperwork
At Cognitive FX most of our patients had their concussion between 6 months and 5 years ago. 
Some patients come to Cognitive FX having been told their symptoms should have gone away by now. Others have been told that their symptoms will likely be there for the rest of their lives. Regardless of how long it has been since your injury, Cognitive FX takes a rehabilitative approach to your recovery. 
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Almost all Cognitive FX patients have tried multiple treatments and therapies before attending EPIC Treatment. 
Addressing complex Post-Concussion Symptoms can be incredibly challenging. Patients often attempt to address their injury by juggling multiple providers and doctors appointments. When these efforts don't resolve symptoms it can be very frustrating. Cognitive FX treatment is designed to give you a multidisciplinary approach all under one roof.  
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The real reason you are here is because you want to improve your symptoms and get back to doing what you love. Our patients consistently report improvement in their symptoms at the end of their treatment, and continuing improvement months or years after treatment. 
We treat patients every week who can get back to living, and we'd love to help you do the same.
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