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280 W River Park Drive Suite 110 Provo, UT

Kaydee Severs



Nurse, Director of Treatment

Kathryn “Kaydee” Severs is a registered nurse, has her Bachelor of Science in nursing, and is a certified brain injury specialist. Kaydee started her nursing career serving in the US Army Reserves as a combat medic and licensed practical nurse. Soon after, she continued her education and fulfilled her dream of becoming a registered nurse. Kaydee has had the opportunity to work and learn in many different types of health care. Some of her favorites include pediatrics (both in hospital and the home), neonatal intensive care, adult intensive care, and trauma and emergency medicine. Kaydee still works in the emergency department as needs arise.


Kaydee has a deep passion for helping brain injury survivors heal. Many of her friends and family have suffered from TBIs, and it pained her to watch them suffer and not know how to ease their symptoms. However, the amazing program and staff at Cognitive FX have given her the tools and training she needed to help her loved ones, as well as many others, recover!


Certifications: Advanced Life Support (Adult and Pediatric), Emergency Nursing Pediatrics, Brain Injury Specialist.