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Dr. Mark Allen PhD

Mark D. Allen earned a PhD in Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University with post-doctoral training in Cognitive Neuroscience and Functional Neuroimaging at the University of Washington.

He has 15 years of research and clinical experience in fMRI, with 22 publications in tier-1 peer-reviewed scientific journals, 3 book chapters, and dozens of presentations at scientific and professional conferences in neuroscience, neuroimaging, and neuropsychology. Having collected and analyzed fMRI data from over 1,000 experimental subjects and over 300 clinically-referred patients, Dr. Allen is a pioneer and expert in the development of fMRI for use in clinical settings.

Key discoveries by Dr. Allen and his research associates (including Dr. Alina Fong) are at the core of Cognitive FX technology and treatment. As a result, functional NeuroCognitive Imaging (fNCI) provides the only available method for visualizing the effects of concussion using a true radiological exam. Most importantly, further research by Dr. Allen led to the discovery of concussion biomarkers. By analyzing fNCI results from hundreds of patients with mild traumatic brain injury (concussion), he can determine, with a numerical score, the degree to which an individual’s brain suffers from concussive effects, and determine which brain systems have been most affected.