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Alina- Dallas

Methodist Health System offers free health screenings to former NFL players

Dr. Alina Fong joined Dr. Garff and the The Living Heart Foundation and the NFL Players Association to give former NFL players in the Dallas area a free and comprehensive health screening, including a post-concussion and brain injury assessment.


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Casual Conversations with Pink Concussion

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Katherine Snedaker, PINK Concussions, discusses advances in neuroimaging with Dr. Alina K. Fong and Dr. Jaycie Loewen.


Drs. Fong and Loewen discuss their research on how COVID-19 causes brain injury and how advances in neuroimaging are already directing treatment for prolonged concussion symptoms are being used for Long COVID.


When a Loved One's Personality has Changed due to Brain Injury 


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Author Robert T. Miller relays the severity of personality changes after a head injury through an interview with Dr. Fong in the Trauma and Mental Health Report. 

riley 2

‘Miracle in the mountains’ 16-year-old with 2-hour memory gets life back thanks to Utah treatment center

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PROVO, Utah – Everyday Riley Horner wakes up thinking it’s June 11th, the day she lost her ability to create memories. Her story captivated the nation and stumped doctors across the country – now, five months later, Riley has found a beacon of light in Utah.

Sitting on a park bench, enjoying lunch and taking in nature – this has been 16-year-old Riley Horner’s routine for the last seven days

Weekbald de Swollenar.nl - Carlien Jansen mag weer dromen


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ZWOLLE-ZUID – Carlien Jansen liep in 2017 in Tanzania een hersenvlies- en hersenontsteking op. Terug in Nederland luidde de diagnose niet aangeboren hersenletsel. De Zwolse had moeite met spreken, was heel erg vermoeid en kon niet tegen prikkels. Volgens artsen restte haar niets anders de situatie te accepteren.


Een nachtmerrie voor Carlien, maar een EPIC-behandeling in een kliniek in het Amerikaanse Utah heeft Carlien haar leven teruggegeven. “Ik kan weer dromen over mijn toekomst.” Ze is heel dankbaar. Nog niet zo heel lang geleden had ze moeite met praten, nu is ze in staat om een interview te geven. Nadat ze in juli de EPIC-behandeling heeft ondergaan, is de kwaliteit van haar leven enorm verbeterd. Ze vertelt haar verhaal en komt goed uit haar woorden. “Dit had ik kort geleden echt nog niet gekund”, vertelt Carlien in haar huis in Zwolle-Zuid, terwijl ze haar Spaanse hond een aai over de bol geeft.

Is mental 'boot camp' the answer for concussion victims?

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PROVO — A clinic in Provo is claiming remarkable success in treating people — including some NFL football players — who suffer long-term consequences from concussions.


"I had personality changes, I had severe fatigue, it affected my personal relationships, my family relationships, my grades even," said college student Lisie Cornish describing her symptoms after suffering a concussion in a car accident.


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