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ABC4 Partnership with Provo High & Riddell

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Technology will line each player’s helmet next season that senses impact — and sends notification to a device that somebody holds on the sideline to monitor.

At the end of each day, the data will be sent to Provo-based Cognitive FX, a company that helps people recover from concussions. They work with the Department of Defense and NFL players, and soon they will be analyzing data from Provo High School’s practices and games.

Duke Chronicle

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News article about the injury and recovery of Anita Riggs a mother of Duke basketball player Mercedes Riggs.

KSL News

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In depth news story about the treatment and patient outcomes for individuals who have received concussion treatment at Cognitive FX.  John Hollenhorst reports on the results of Rand Kerr’s treatment.

KSL Studio 5

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Dr. Fong discusses sports related concussion injuries and treatment options.

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Article about Austin Collie playing in the CFL and his concussion therapy at Cognitive FX.

The Vancouver Sun

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An article that talks about the concussion Austin Collie received while playing in the NFL.  It also discusses how Austin overcame his injury (Cognitive FX) and is now playing in the Canadian Football League.


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Article discusses Austin Collies rehabilitation and his visits to Cognitive FX.

The Salt Lake Tribune

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Article on the concussion rehabilitation program that Austin Collie went through that help him recover from his past injuries.  Article also discusses the use of the neuro-cognitive functional MRI.

Daily Herald

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Article about the epic concussion treatment detailing the treatment and out comes of Austin Collie and Rand Kerr. 

Sports Illustrated

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Tom Brady discusses his preparation and workout regime he uses to preform at the highest level.  He discusses the neuro cognitive training that he does with his neuropsychologist, Alina Fong clinical director of Cognitive FX.

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