Addressing Limitations

Standardized, Valid, Reliable and Objective Protocols

Addressing Limitations

– Appropriate for the Scanning Environment

– Applicable at the Single-Subject Level

– Refined Pre-Testing for BOLD Signal Optimization

– High Test Reliability (0.75-0.95)

– Compliance Monitoring


Standardized Protocols

Functional NeuroCognitive Imaging

Concurrently validated testing battery of six conventional neuropsychological test adaptations appropriate for the fMRI-scanning environment.


Standardized Protocols


Normative Atlas

Uniform protocol administered to 58 healthy reference subjects.

Functional anatomical regions (e.g. Right Middle Gyrus) were identified in which independent activation peaks consistently occurred for each subject.


Normative Atlas for concussion neromarkers


Activation values were extracted from each functional region, resulting in 3D standard distribution of activation across healthy references.


Hypo- and Hyper-Activation


Activation values for patients are statistically contextualized with respect to reference norms and expressed as z-scores.


Patient Data Extrapolation

Neuromarkers Confirm Prolonged Effects of mTBI

Neuromarkers example of neurocognitive assesment


Concussion Neuromarkers were identified from a sample of 69 mTBI patients, reassessed in a sample of 70 concussed patients, and reconfirmed in another population of 111 patients.


Diagnostic Neuromarkers

Understanding Measurement Reliability

Neuromarkers Reliability Rate in Neurocognitive Assesment



EPIC Treatment Shows Clinical Relevance

We demonstrate a standardized quantitative-fMRI approach with validity at the individual patient level and proven reliability in mTBI assessment and rehabilitation. Protocol standardization, normative-based assessment, compliance monitoring, and objective interpretation meet clinical requirements for wider acceptance of clinical fMRI in neurocognitive assessment and treatment.



Benjamin H. Wing1,2, Keifer L. Weiland1, Lindsey R. Holbrook1, Daniel C. Sands1, Alina K. Fong1,3, Mark D. Allen1,2

1Cognitive FX Provo, UT; 2Notus Neuropsychological Imaging, Orem, UT; 3Utah Valley Regional Medical Center



Allen & Fong (2008). Clinical Application of Standardized Cognitive Assesment using fMRI. I. Matrix Reasoning. Behavioral Neurology, 20, 127-140.

Allen et. al. (2012). Assessment of Brian Activity During Memory Encoding in a Narcolepsy Patient on and off Modafinil Using Normative fMRI Data. Neurocase, 18, 13-215.


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