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75% Improvement of Post-Concussion Symptoms in One Week

Cognitive FX helps people recover from concussions with advanced, clinically proven diagnostics and treatments.​

Patient Improvement
Severity Index Score (SIS)

6 5 4 3 2 1 0 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

(Sample Size 500)

  • 0-0.8 (Healthy)
  • 0.8-1.5 (Borderline)
  • 1.5+ (Traumatic Brain Injury mild, moderate, severe)

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The Most Effective Post Concussion Treatments Available​

Cognitive FX uses a unique and specialized approach to treat concussion symptoms. We have the tools, team, technology, and training to bring recovery and healing. Together, we can obtain measurable improvements in all areas of your concussion recovery, giving you what you need to improve your brain and have a higher quality of life.​

Step 1

Step 1. We Scan & Map Your Brain​

Cognitive FX will use a cutting-edge brain scan called functional Neurocognitive Imaging (fNCI) to reliably detect which regions of your brain were damaged from your concussion or brain injury. With a comprehensive understanding of your brain, we'll know how to help you recover.

Without an fNCI scan, concussions are easy to diagnose but difficult to create effective treatment. Unfortunately, most clinics diagnose and treat concussions based solely on symptoms. On top of that, most brain scans like MRI and CT only diagnose structural injury, but rarely functional problems.

Step 1 We Scan & Map Your Brain​
Step 2

Step 2. We Customize Your Recovery Plan​

The fNCI scan of your brain shows us which areas are hyper or hypo activated. Our doctors analyze your brain scan and prescribe the right mix of treatments to bring the areas of your brain back to a healthy baseline. 

Just like how athletes isolate and work on muscle groups, we can isolate regions of the brain for targeted recovery​.

As individual areas of your brain start working correctly again, they will have a compounding impact on your overall brain health and function. 

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Step 3

Step 3. You Recover With EPIC Treatment​

Your EPIC Treatment is customized to target your brain in specific ways based on your unique scan. We'll create targeted treatment protocols to prepare your brain for recovery, activate and work your brain, and then help your brain rest and restore to "lock in" your gains.

You'll work with a comprehensive and diverse team of doctors, therapists, and trainers – all collaborating to treat your specific brain. Our 5-day intensive program is designed to push your mind and body with specific physical and cognitive exercises to make lasting improvements in your quality of life.

Step 3 Continued Support

Proven Patient Results & Recovery​

Consistent Cognitive FX patient results are validated by a variety of published peer-reviewed articles. We use both objective (fNCI) and subjective measurements (PCSS) to effectively diagnose, prescribe, and treat our patients. ​​


of CFX patients experience statistically verified restoration of brain function.


On average our patients improve 77.5% on their second fNCI.


On average, our patients improve by 60% on their symptoms report post-treatment.

"Best decision I ever made! I would recommend CFX to anyone who is suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome."

Gina Crotts

EPIC Patient

“It was about my third day that I was here, I literally felt like somebody put a pipe cleaner up in my head and cleared out a clog and it was that day that I felt the difference”

Rand Kerr

EPIC Patient

"I am still so shocked about how much I have improved. My brain is so much healthier… Everything has gotten so much better, and I am so much happier, and I am excited to get back out there and restart with my life."


EPIC Patient

"I have been going through the treatment, there's just been an obvious change in my perspective and motivation to do things and I can just think more clearly. So, it's just been a really good experience"


EPIC Patient

"The treatment went really well. I was shocked to see the results happen so quickly. Months have passed and my physical symptoms are no longer prevalent"

Molly Poletto

D1 Soccer Coach & EPIC Patient

Recover From Your Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Concussion​

Cognitive FX (CFX) treats patients suffering from concussion symptoms with an average improvement of 75% reductions in symptoms. Schedule a consultation, even if your injury occurred many years ago.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

CFX provides a unique EPIC Treatment program to address post-concussion symptoms such as brain fog, lack of focus, headache, memory difficulties, irritability, and more. Our patients, on average, experience a 75% improvement in brain function, 65-90% reduction in symptoms, and report having a much higher quality of life.​​

Multiple Concussions

Patients who have multiple concussions often experience more intense symptoms. Our customized EPIC Treatment program is designed to address the intensity of these symptoms regardless of how many concussions they are suffering from. These patients experience the same high level of improvement as those who only have one injury.​

Pediatric Concussion

We treat patients as young as 8 years old. Because young patients are growing and learning, their concussion symptoms are often overlooked. Treating these at-risk patients now prevents future complications in development that can carry on for a lifetime.​

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Your Recovery Starts Now!​

Cognitive FX is the premier concussion treatment center. We help people with post-concussion syndrome or symptoms (PCS) recover. Before treating with us, most of our patients have searched for years for recovery. However, as they struggled with debilitating symptoms and worked with countless doctors, they didn't find the healing they were looking for. Now, after experiencing significant recovery from our EPIC treatment, they and their families have a renewed hope and a better quality of life. 

Because our research team has discovered effective ways to diagnose and treat post-concussion symptoms, you can expect your brain to change from EPIC treatment.

We have treated over thousands of patients from around the world. In fact, CFX services have attracted professional and Olympic athletes including Tom Brady, Austin Collie, Natalie Anderson, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday.

Concussion Recovery Consultation

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Once you complete some introductory paperwork to help us understand how to best help you, we'll reach out to schedule the free consultation.

We believe you can recovery and we look forward to meeting you!

- Dr. Allen, Dr. Fong, Dr. Loewen, and Dr. Hanak


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