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Scotty from YouTube Channel "Strange Parts"


Get inspired by Scotty's amazing journey to recovery from long-lasting concussion symptoms.

Patient Reported Results

After their 2-Week Treatment

90 Percent of our Patients Have Reduced Symptoms defer

Tailored Therapy That Works

On average, 90% of our patients have reduced symptoms.

53 Percent Improvement in Physical Symptoms Blue defer

Reduced Physical Issues

Our patients report an average reduction of 53% on chronic physical symptoms.

63 Percent Improvement in Cognitive Symptoms Blue defer

Reduced Cognitive Issues

Our patients also report an average reduction of 63% off their Cognitive Symptoms.

60 Percent Average Improvement in Symptoms Blue defer

Reduced Symptom Issues Overall

Our patients experience a 60% average reduction of their overall lingering symptoms.

See The Results

The Most Comprehensive Concussion Treatment Available


What makes our approach superior?


We tailor each patient's treatment to address their specific symptoms.


Our approach combines cutting-edge therapies, proven technologies, and an expert team of therapists to create the most effective solution for more comprehensive healing and long-lasting results.

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Patient Reviews

Find hope through the experiences of our past patients.

Revolutionary Treatment

Experience a revolution in your head injury recovery with our optimized approach to healing. We target your neuronal pathways and blood vessels that nourish your brain, the main source for common post-concussion symptoms. With over a decade of research and expertise, we've refined the process to deliver exceptional results.

See improved brain function with our innovative multi-sensory therapy that targets your symptoms from multiple angles. We guide your brain towards complete healing and increased blood flow.

The fNCI Brain Scan

Using a special fMRI scan called "functional NeuroCognitive Imaging" (fNCI), we can detect issues with "neurovascular coupling" (NVC) across several areas of your brain.

This scan gives us a pinpoint-accurate map of the underperforming and overworking areas in your brain.

Our Incredible Team

Our team of therapists are experts in their fields and have extensive training on how to read fNCI scans.

After analyzing your scan, they tailor your therapy sessions to your brain’s specific needs using your fNCI scan as a guide.

They actively record your progress and pass that information on to your next therapist, making your progress more personalized and effective.