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Concussion Treatment

CFX offers the most advanced concussion treatment available anywhere in the world. Enhanced Performance In Cognition – EPIC Treatment is an intense rehabilitation program that uses brain imaging technology (fNCI) as a tool to direct individual treatment.

With the guidance of this advanced brain imaging technology, our highly trained team of doctors and therapists will create a custom concussion treatment that targets the areas you need improvement the most.

This cutting-edge, comprehensive EPIC Treatment includes:

  • Utilizing functional NeruoCognitive Imaging (fNCI) to Guide Treatment
  • NeuroCognitive Therapy
  • Motor Control, Vestibular, Symmetry, and Balance Therapy
  • Nutrition and Sleep Guidance
  • Visual and Ocular Therapy
  • NeuroMuscular Therapy
  • Address Any Psychological Concerns
  • Therapy for Other Symptoms


Functional NCI – Notus NeuroCogs

We employ the latest brain imaging technology provided by Notus called fNCI, or functional Neurocognitive Imaging.  This highly specialized form of fMRI utilizes  6 cognitive tests that take an in-depth look at over 60 brain regions. Giving our team of specialists a comprehensive look at how your brain is working in areas like attention, executive function, memory, verbal fluency, and other categories.

fNCI allows our specialized team of professionals to create and administer a highly focused, customized treatment plan that provides you the best rehabilitation results available anywhere in the world.

This scan helps us know which regions are hypoactive (not working hard enough) and where they are hyperactive (working too hard). Because of this, our therapists can specifically target your symptoms, and impairments making your time with them much more effective than the traditional approach to treating concussions. The goal of EPIC Treatment is to help balance out the regions in your brain and re-establish optimal functioning.

NeuroCognitive Therapy

Our fNCI-trained team of therapists will work together to provide cognitive exercises that will address the specific dysfunctional areas found in your initial fNCI scan. This includes tasks that address memory, executive function, word recall and more. Throughout treatment, our specialists will also provide specific computer exercises that are tailored to address cognitive issues brought about by a concussion or mTBI.

Trailmaking 3D FNCI



Motor Control, Vestibular, Symmetry, and Balance Therapy

Common to many head injuries are balance problems. Utilizing tools such as the Optogait, our professionals will assess your balance and provide specific physical exercises to retrain your brain and body to work together with greater symmetry.

Nutrition and Sleep Guidance

Critical to any brain recovery is proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep routines. Our specialists will work with you to help you establish a nutrition and sleep plan specific to your needs to ensure that your body won’t hinder your brain’s proper recovery.

Visual and Ocular Therapy

Visual problems including sensitivity to light, tracking difficulty, and vertigo as a result of eye movement or fatigue are common concussion symptoms addressed during EPIC Treatment through a variety of exercises administered by our therapists.  In addition to these, several computerized activities are administered to address visual issues, helping to reestablish the connection between the brain and your eyes.

Our goal throughout EPIC treament is to empower you to be more in control of you life than your symptoms are.

NeuroMuscular Therapy

Some of the most common symptoms of concussion and head injury are dizziness, headaches, nausea, and several other common physical manifestations.  CFX employs highly trained NeuroMusclar Therapists to target your physical symptoms and reduce them to manageable levels. 

When working with our NeuroMuscluar Therapists you will focus on a few things including increasing range of motion, helping the muscles and brain work together, and increasing your heart rate. NeuroMuslcuar Therapists will also teach you several methods, including brain destimulation, to help you take control of your life and to continue improving after EPIC Treatment.

Address Any Psychological Concerns

IpadAfter an injury, it is totally normal to experience feelings of depression, frustration, and anxiety as a result of the trauma of the incident.  You may also feel significant dissatisfaction from experiencing and knowing that your brain function, motor control, and even personality or mood has changed in such a drastic way it is having negative impacts on your life. A trained neuropsychologist will oversee and direct your whole treatment at Cognitive FX, giving you the personalized care management you need to ensure that your psychological needs are addressed and met throughout the week.

In addition, our trained team of therapists work together helping you to obtain measurable improvements in several different areas throughout EPIC treatment, giving you the knowledge that you can take control of your life and rehabilitate from your injury. Our therapists will also make recommendations on ways you can continue improving after you have completed your week of EPIC Treatment.

Therapy for dizziness, headaches, nausea, and other common physical symptoms of concussion

During EPIC Treatment, you will work with many therapists and specialists that have the tools necessary to address your symptoms associated with your injury. Our goal is to help you to feel better and be able to get back to living life on your terms.


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