A Typical Week of EPIC Treatment

During the week of your concussion treatment, you will participate in an intensive routine that is targeted to treat your individual symptoms and to improve your functioning. Many individuals experience a wide range of symptoms including headaches, cognitive processing challenges, balance and vision problems, sleep difficulties, and more.

Depending on your symptoms, and the results of your fNCI, you will participate in a wide array of activities and therapies to address your specific needs.

Typically, each patient has a scheduled daily routine from 9 am to 5 pm, which includes a lunch break. You will meet with many therapists each day. It is important to recognize that while the tasks may be challenging, our team is here to help and support you throughout this entire process.

Each individual will have different outcomes, as every injury is unique. With that being said those who come to treatment with a positive attitude and are willing to trust our specialists have a better overall experience while they are here.

Some of the activities & therapies that you will participate in include:

  • Exercises targeted to address cognitive issues brought about by a concussion such as processing, sensitivity to noise, emotional processing, and more.
  • Exercises to address any visual or ocular problems which may include sensitivity to light, vertigo as a result from eye movement or fatigue, balance challenges and more.
  • Physical exercises to help with symptoms such as balance, and motor control with the focus to retrain the body and the brain to work together for optimal symmetry and movement.
  • Guidance on nutrition, hydration, and sleep, to understand how these play a role in brain health not only during treatment and recovery, but for life.
  • NeuroMuscular therapists will work with you to address some of the most common symptoms of concussions and mild traumatic brain injury including headaches, dizziness, nausea, along with any other physical symptoms you may have from your concussion(s). These activities help improve your brain function related to your individual goals for treatment.
  • Brain de-stimulation activities help manage stress, and help the brain relax and stay in the optimal state of function. (Related to timely activities and timely rest.)
  • We know that a brain injury can bring feelings of depression, anxiety and frustration. We know it can be hard to see how much your personality, mood, and even attitude change because your brain is not functioning properly. You may not feel like you are yourself. There are trained therapists available to give you the personalized care you need ensuring that your psychological needs are addressed throughout the treatment.
  • Along with any other treatments based on your goals, and on your specific needs for treatment.

EPIC Treatment takes the whole team to bring results, this team includes you. Treatment can be challenging sometimes, but as we work together with a positive attitude then we are able to achieve more and do more. We know it can be hard to stay positive when life has felt overwhelming, frustrating or hopeless but we know that we can make a difference in your life, as we work together.

We have the tools, the team, the technology, and the attitude to bring hope and healing. Together, you can obtain measurable improvements in all areas of your concussion recovery, giving you the knowledge that you can retake control of your life.


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