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Cognitive FX

Cognitive FX offers standard MRI, advanced fNCI, and concussion treatment to legal professionals who need substantive and objective information about the cognitive status of their clients.  Whether trying to determine damage and cognitive decline in the brain from substances or injury, or trying to establish that a brain is functioning normally, legal clients will receive comprehensive reports and scientific support that will bolster their concussion litigation case.

Client Care

If a client is in a serious accident, it’s possible they have suffered brain trauma even if they were able to walk away from the accident. Concussion and brain injury symptoms don’t always manifest during initial hospital visits, they can manifest days or even weeks later.  It has been historically difficult to prove to a court or an insurance company that someone has definitively suffered from neurological trauma.  But now, Cognitive FX offers new, clinically validated tools to help you define and assess your client’s injuries and present the data in court.


In summary, our imaging technology (fNCI) provides a much more comprehensive look at brain function than other technologies and is the merging of cognitive assessment and imaging sciences. The Cognitive fNCI test battery, known as Notus NeuroCogs, is backed by a corresponding normative database; thus test results show how close to or far from “normal” a test subject is, similar to how a Blood Panel, Toxicology Screen, or a Body Mass Index works. Because of this, Cognitive FX provides an insight not found in other cognitive assessment or imaging modalities.

fNCI technology used for concussion litigation reporting