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Natalie Anderson Concussion Recovery with The Cognitive FX Foundation

Natalie Anderson, Sole Survivor from season 29 of the popular ABC TV show Survivor, has teamed up with The Cognitive FX Foundation to raise awareness about concussions and the impact they can have on a person’s daily life. Natalie shares her treatment experience at Cognitive FX with the hope to help others find the support they need to get their life back and to help raise funds to begin treating individuals from around the world.


Natalie Anderson


New Jersey

Mode of Injury:

Accident, and Sports


Sole Survivor, CrosFiitter

Date of Injury:

Summer/Fall 2016

Date of Treatment:

September 2017

"Before I was so alone and I had to learn how to navigate through those waters... I found Cognitive FX and it was so different than anything I had seen out there."

Natalie came to Cognitive FX after dealing with years of post-concussion symptoms from two different injuries. She has been doing as much as you can to recover and get better from her symptoms. She has felt like she has been treading the waters alone for a while now and eventually she found Cognitive FX.  She is excited to be here and she shares her week long EPIC Treatment experience and more about the foundation. 

*This video is sponsored by the Cognitive FX Foundation. Please make a donation today to help individuals impacted by brain injury around the world.*